7 Ways to Stop a Gambling Addiction
If you or a loved one has a gambling addiction, it can be challenging to find ways to
stop. But if you’re determined to stop, there are many methods you can use.
1. Plan and schedule your time effectively
Having a well-planned, structured day can make it easier to resist temptations and
prevent gambling live casino Malaysia. You can create a list of daily tasks that include things like getting
up at a specific time, finishing work, or taking care of errands.

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2. Set up a cash limit for your bank account and stick to it
Setting a cash limit for your bank account can help you control your spending, which
in turn, can reduce your urge to gamble. It can also reduce your stress and
encourage you to think positively about the money you have.
3. Keep a gambling diary
Writing down your thoughts and feelings in a gambling diary can help you recognize
your triggers and identify patterns that are causing you to gamble more than usual.
This will help you develop healthier habits and avoid these triggers in the future.
4. Avoid high-risk situations
When you have a problem, it can be easy to fall into traps that can lead to a relapse.
You may be tempted to take out more loans than you can afford, gamble in venues
that have a high risk of losing your money or use gaming devices for socialising.
5. Talk about your problems with trusted friends or family members
If you have a gambling problem, you need to talk about it openly with people who
will understand and support you. You can also seek treatment and attend support
6. Embrace the good in your life
A key aspect of recovery from gambling addiction is to find ways to celebrate all the
good in your life. Creating a gratitude list, for example, can be an effective way to
keep your motivation levels high and reduce your risk of relapse. This is because it

helps you notice all the things you’re grateful for, which can increase your self-
esteem and encourage you to continue on your path to healing.

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7. Refrain from triggering events
If you’re recovering from gambling addiction, it is important to avoid events that can
cause you to feel stressed or angry. This can include sporting events, anniversaries
or other special occasions.
8. Refrain from people who gamble
It is essential to avoid people you know who are gambling. This can be difficult if you

are used to socialising with them, but it is an important step in the process of
stopping gambling.
9. Get away from your gambling environment
Taking a break from your home or avoiding the places you usually go can be a great
way to prevent temptation. It can be helpful to try a new restaurant, a new park or a
new city.
10. Take a step back
When you are recovering from a gambling addiction, it can be helpful to take a step
back and reassess your situation. This can help you decide how best to proceed and
whether it is right for you.